Marc Chagall Exhibit in Montreal

Seeing it once was magic, twice was pure bliss… During my recent trip to Montreal, I was lucky enough to see “Chagall: Colour and Music” at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It wasn’t my first time getting to see this fantastic artist’s work on display, that would be four years ago with a friend at … Read more

By the time you’re done reading this…

By the time you’re done reading this, you’re not going to believe me… Prior to leaving New York City in 1990, I was in a French Canadian documentary entitled “New York Doré.” It was an honor, to say the least, to be selected to participate in this phenomenal project. The director, Suzanne Guy, had befriended me, and … Read more

Last Chance! Moroccan Art Show!

Haven’t been by First Street Gallery & Custom Framing in Encinitas to explore my “Before, During & After” Exhibit? Well, what are you waiting for? I put together this show to celebrate the culmination of my year-long journey following my artist residency in Morocco. Each piece reflects a special part of my journey, and are deeply influenced by the … Read more

Before, During & After—An Opening

How amazing it is to be surrounded by friends, fellow artists and new acquaintances… Last week was the opening of my show “Before, During & After” at First Street Gallery & Custom Framing in Encinitas… and boy did we have a great time! It was so fun getting to celebrate the completion of my journey in … Read more

Morocco Exhibit: Before, During & After

journey (n.) —1. a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time. 2. passage or progress from one stage to another. Whether physical, mental or spiritual, we tend to describe our journeys in the state of “during”—what we did or felt while we went through the actual experience. But what about … Read more

Now Showing: “Over the Moon” Exhibit

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars. —Les Brown Well, do you think it’s possible to do both? Because I am now being showcased in the “Over the Moon” Exhibit at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library AND among the stars of my fellow San Diego Book Artists that … Read more

Lightning Fast & Letting Go

There is no easy way to describe the process of Gelli printing… Yes, there are the textbook mechanics of what goes into creating a monotype print. You can look up this aspect in a book or watch a YouTube video. But to truly understand what goes into Gelli printing, you must experience it for yourself. … Read more

Art Lounge: Ideas take Shape

A lot can happen in a year… It’s amazing to think that this time last year one of my biggest desires was to start teaching more classes and workshops… and now I’m the co-founder of Art Lounge with my friend Cindy Blumkin. Located just down the street from me in Encinitas, Art Lounge has provided … Read more

Altering reality!

While in Morocco I did a lot of research… discovering new patterns, colors, textures and any visual inspiration I could find. These discoveries came wrapped in a whole new light as I explored them as an artist. During my stay, spending time with fellow art residents and being introduced to local artisans, artists, designers and crafts people… well let’s … Read more

A Year in Review: 2016

Wow… can you believe it’s almost 2017? It feels like just yesterday I was planning my trip to Morocco… and that was already over 7 months ago! This year has been one of great changes—personally, professionally and artistically. The year started off on one of the highest notes possible—an once-in-a-lifetime 6-week artist residency in Morocco. … Read more

Art Lounge Gypsy Caravan 2016

Holiday gifting is a lot of fun, but it can sometimes be difficult to come up with unique and creative gifts for everyone one your list. Thankfully, Art Lounge is hosting our first ever series of Gypsy Caravans. Throughout the day, there will be three classes where you can create beautiful handmade creations for friends … Read more

2016 Holiday Bazaar at Art Lounge

Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind holiday presents for friends, family or yourself? Join me at the Art Lounge Holiday Bazaar, Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 12-6pm. This special event will showcase artwork and other handcrafted creations from Art Lounge instructors. This event is fun for the whole family or perfect for a girl’s day, as there … Read more

Morocco on my mind!

I can’t believe it—it’s been four months since I returned from Morocco! Maybe it’s because recently discussed Morocco with a new friend over dinner (who is on her way there this fall), or maybe it’s the art I’ve been creating (I’m working on a painting of the King of Morocco)… or maybe the long conversation I … Read more


I’ve got the bug, and it’s BAD… Being away for 6 weeks this past winter was great! No dishes, no cooking, no car. But rather than satiate me it’s just made me want to get up and go even more. Where to? Now I am thinking about crossing something else off my bucket list… Driving … Read more

Working with a Local Craftsman

Layachi has been working with leather since he was a child. He started at around 9-years-old. He was probably fetching pelts and tea at that age, his hands too small to hold the tools, but no matter he is a MASTER craftsman now, and an amazingly nice guy. While in Tetouan, Morocco in February-March 2016 … Read more

Artist Retreat: Be Transformed

Explore your creativity & the great outdoors… Join me for a week of creating under the pines and in community at Art Groove Artist Retreat, August 19-24, 2016, in beautiful Angelus Oaks, CA. Want to learn different techniques for crafting your own Altered Book and come away with a book that’s entirely your own? Sign-up … Read more

Intro to Art Journaling Class!

JOIN US!!! Introducing: Creative Exploration through Art Journaling Sunday, April 17, 2016 10AM-2PM This includes a 30-minute break, so please bring a snack/lunch. Plan to arrive 10-25 minutes early, we’ll begin on time Cost: $65, includes some supplies. RSVP by April 10, 2016: use “Art Journaling” as subject line. Art Journaling is a fun, intuitive art making … Read more

Summer “Art Camp” for Grown-ups

“Art Groove 2016” Adult Summer Workshops Friday August 19 – Wednesday August 24, 2016 Artists of all skill levels will enjoy this exceptional experience Enjoy a week of artistic enrichment at Art Groove 2016. Join us for the 10th annual de Benneville Pines’ summer art camp! Five tracks are offered: life drawing, watercolor painting, photography, … Read more

Book Altering at Camp de Benneville Pines

At Camp de Benneville Pines, have a truly memorable summer that engages your artistic being while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors. Join me and my fellow campers August 19-24, 2016 for a a week of creating, collaborating, hiking, meditating and just enjoying our surroundings at Art Groove. Last year I had the pleasure of teaching … Read more

The Healing Garden

Encinitas, California is a magical place. It’s filled with wonderful places that help heal and restore. One such place is The Center for Creative Renewal. This oasis was started by art therapist Ellen Speert, and has been offering artists a quiet place to rejuvenate since 1981. Their mission is to “provide an environment of creativity, stimulation and professionalism, … Read more

Al Rodriguez: Mark Making Tools

Months ago, I contacted a fellow artist and inquired if he would be willing to give a small workshop on “Mark Making Tools.” He’s always making tools; mostly Book Arts tools, like hand carved bone folders made in bamboo or teflon, or a lovely paper tearing tool. But he also makes Bench Hooks, Hole Punching Cradles and Corner Cutters… … Read more

Everything reveals itself, in due time…

Patience is the most important thing when dealing with anything “new.” And being patient is especially important when art journaling. I say this because the final image slowly reveals itself… first going one way, then another… sometimes resting with nowhere to go for a while… then finding a new path. For those of you unfamiliar with the … Read more

Kelly Kilmer comes to San Diego

My favorite new thing… short, one day workshops… especially suited for experienced art journalers. These give participants an opportunity to create while working side-by-side, sharing in a favorite creative art-making activity, inspiring one another and having fun! And that is exactly what we did when Kelly Kilmer came to town for a one day mini-workshop. Kelly is … Read more

Peter Bolland Inspires at Encinitas Library!

The other night, I went to hear Peter Bolland at the Encinitas Branch of the San Diego Public Library. It was a free concert in a beautiful room, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in what some say is the nicest library in the county. Peter is a wonderful songwriter. His words are inspiring, deep and bring emotions to … Read more

A Surreal Experience

Many years ago I learned about Soul Collage and eventually took the training to become a facilitator. I love the process, but I don’t have a calling to teach it. Taking a class however, is loads of fun. A wonderful art therapist, Ellen Speert lives nearby. She created The Center for Creative Renewal. She teaches a process … Read more

The Making of a VERY Special Book

This past year I was fortunate enough to study with several wonderful teachers that I had only dreamed of learning from. Each meeting has brought such a rich plate of experience. I am fortunate! One such opportunity was to take two workshops with Seth Apter, a phenomenal artist from New York. One of these workshops, which was entitled … Read more

Music for Airports

When I first moved to New York city back in the early 80’s I roomed with a friend who introduced me to Brian Eno’s Brian Eno—Music for Airports. I was instantly hooked. This was way before “ambient” music, when all the sounds were created, no doubt, on some electronic device… and hence labeled “electronic music.” … Read more

Finding Your Own Voice

Things take time. As an artist the most important thing, is practice. Actually, practice is probably the most important thing in ANY discipline. If you practice anything regularly it begins to somehow feel effortless. It starts to give energy rather than take it. I recently saw a documentary on Richard Pryor, who is probably one … Read more

Getting “Grungy” with Seth Apter

The San Diego Book Arts (SDBA) recently welcomed back Seth Apter for two two-day workshops in San Diego. I attended the first workshop, “Cover to Cover,” which was held September 16 & 17, 2015. This workshop was about using mixed-media techniques to create a one-of-a-kind, unconventional artist’s book. Using vintage book covers as the base, and making a series of double-sided “pages” filled edge … Read more

Book Altering Workshop with By Bun

UPDATE: WORKSHOP FILLED! Brontë, Dickens, Frost… and you! Have some old books collecting dust? Then join me for a hands-on introduction to art journaling and book altering with mixed media artist, illustrator and maker of beautiful things Roxanne Coble, aka By Bun. This class will provide you with fun and diverse techniques for transforming your … Read more

Sign-Up for Art in the Woods

If you like to wait until the last minute, wait no more… Sign-up today for Art Groove Summer Camp! AUGUST 21–27, 2015 Art Groove: Summer Adult Art Camp CAMP DE BENNEVILLE PINES 41750 JENKS LAKE RD. WEST, ANGELUS OAKS, CA 92305 COST: $995 Includes instruction, workshops, materials, food, lodging and all standard activities available at … Read more

Sign Up Today for Art Camp!

Art Groove: Summer Adult Art Camp AUGUST 21–27, 2015 CAMP DE BENNEVILLE PINES 41750 JENKS LAKE RD. WEST, ANGELUS OAKS, CA 92305-9789 COST: $945 ($995 AFTER MAY 31, 2015) Includes instruction, workshops, materials, food, lodging and all standard activities available at de Benneville Pines. Each camper will choose an area of study; drawing, painting, photography, … Read more

Expressive Painting with Jesse Reno

Keep it simple: Start with a large sheet of Bristol board. Basic primary color acrylic paints, no bushes choosing to mix and apply paint with your hands. Paint a ground. (background) Notice if anything is calling for your attention. Grab a section. (outline area) Look at the whole and remove what you don’t like. Paint … Read more

Jesse Reno Rocks

Raw, open and expressive are the qualities that both describe the artist and his art. Intuitive painting, using the most basic essential tools which include red, blue, yellow, black and white acrylic paint, four brushes, four pastel sticks and a pencil, oh and Bristol board.

It’s what’s inside that matters not the materials. Jesse Reno teaches us to see in a new way…

Sign up for his next workshop. Better be quick He’s a rising star.

Spring is in the Air

It is late spring. The birds are busy with babies, the plants are blooming… and the studio is buzzing with renewed energy and big plans. We are developing new products, getting new cards printed, creating a line of several different types of goodies. We have deadlines with shows coming up. We recently changed our work schedules … Read more

Introducing Ready-to-Hang Wall Art!

I’m ecstatic to share with you a project I’ve been working on for the last few months. They’re 5X7 wood panels that feature some of my more popular artwork, along with some new motifs. Currently there are 12 designs available, with additional panels exclusive to the Chopra Center, and I’m hoping to add more in the … Read more

Art Journaling with Orly Avineri

Over the past several months, I’ve been learning about and experimenting with art journaling. My teacher Pnina Gold recently urged me to sign-up for a two-day workshop with Art Journaler extraordinaire Orly Avineri to expand my technique and perspective. Twelve of us, including Orly, attended the workshop, which took place this past weekend at the beautiful home … Read more

Art Camp for Art Lovers

Photo: This summer, from August 22st though August 26th, I’ll be immersing myself in art along with 50-70 other artists. It’s Art Camp for grown-ups! Although the schedule hasn’t been cemented, and the brochure and website aren’t yet produced… it’s happening. The morning hours will be filled with painting, printmaking, drawing, ceramics, or photography. … Read more

Ganesh finds a new home!

Experimenting, trying new things, working with different materials and pushing boundaries… is exciting and FUN. As you might know if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve recently fallen in love with art journalling. So, it should come as no big surprise that I’ve now made the leap from making pages to testing the techniques on … Read more

Art making is the new therapy!

Something is happening. Something is breaking open. Something is being born. Art journaling is the new therapy… and much like meeting with a licensed professional, it’s all a process. Sometimes scary, sometimes frustrating, but always worthwhile. What is art journaling? It’s an intuitive creative exercise that allows spontaneous self expression with no end in mind. … Read more


Mercury goes retrograde three to four times a year for weeks at a time. This last one was a doozie. It causes indecision, doubt and oh so many computer issues—communication of any type, is always tested. For me, this retrograde was internal. It was like an internal battle or argument… all happening in my head. … Read more

Exhale. Create space.

Discarding things that have outlived their usefulness shifts the energy and calls in the new. So in honor of the New Year and our New Mantra, “Just Breathe,” we’re doing just that — making space, throwing out, re-organizing, making sense of the chaos and focusing on the important things. It’ll take the form of recycling, trashing … Read more

Helen McGill Lets Go

One of the many talented women to take my recent Gelli printing workshop was Helen McGill, San Diego Book Arts member, yoga instructor and mixed media artist. Helen is currently enthused about combining textile and paper, and was able to demonstrate this cool technique at the workshop. The other day, she sent us a note … Read more

Gelli Printing Class in San Diego

When I started scheduling Gelli print classes to teach last summer, the classes seemed to fill without even announcing them. My first class practically filled as soon as I mentioned it to one of the San Diego Book Arts members at our first community potluck. Word spread quickly. For the first class, long time SDBA … Read more

Seven Sutras Greeting Cards

Every great business, has great partnerships. And we’re always excited about the new developments in our relationship with The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA. After having great success with our hand-finished, individual Sutra panels, we are happy to announce that we are now offering these designs as greeting cards. The series was designed as a limited edition and … Read more

Experiment to keep it fresh

According to Pema Chödrön, “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” This speaks to me deeply. Learning new techniques, new processes and new materials keeps my creative engine sharp…  constantly thinking up new things to make or how to adapt. I love “LEARNING“. Pictured … Read more


If you’ve practiced yoga, the “practice” generally starts with an Om incantation. We chant Om to align ourselves with our higher self, God and the Universe. It is calming, centering and energizing. It is often chanted with “Shanti, Shanti, Shanti” meaning peace. Pranayama (breathing asana) then follows… Om has it’s roots in Hinduism. This symbol … Read more

Art as a spiritual process.

From a very young age, spiritual and intuitive matters have intrigued me and held my interest. I come from a family of “sensitive” women who were always telling fortunes and reading cards. My mom was extremely intuitive, read cards, and always had an uncanny way of “knowing” things.  She passed this “sensitivity” down to me. … Read more

Milton Glaser changed the course of my life, and continues to.

The following quote was offered to me by a fellow graphic designer/artist (Janice McDonald) to assist me in cultivating patience when being an “artist” is a struggle for me. “…it is reasonable to imagine that there are many artists living under cover, in a kind of witness protection program, in the realm of design. I’ve … Read more

Mixed Bag Coming Soon

The life of a “visual creative” seems expected to me, having always lived my life this way. We creatives, have certain tendencies which make us comfortable with one another. We feel at home in each other’s living space, generally filled with hand-made things, walls covered in art and bric-a-brac collected from our travels. We love … Read more

Abstract. Landscape. Figurative. Minimal.

Anything is possible… don’t “qualify” yourself. Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) was recommended by a printmaking friend, as an artist I should research, because of the breadth of style which he explored and mastered throughout his career. Not one to dismiss his muse, Diebenkorn allowed the process to change course radically, and often. He was a master … Read more

Thank You

While enjoying my coffee, snuggled in bed with all the dogs this morning, I read an interesting article about hand written “thank you” cards. A good time of year to be reminded of the value of such notes.  Especially notes of thanks. My art coach, Alyson Stanfield, agrees and has emphasized the importance of hand … Read more

What a Cut Up!

Just love a long weekend… the Pazzle was cranking. A few weeks ago I’d used paper stencils for some new monotypes I am developing. The thickness of the stock caused the printing paper to wrinkle and this was upsetting, as the originals would need matting… and I generally use “museum mounting” for my art pieces. … Read more


I have stepped into a new time-space continuum. There is no beginning, middle or end, simply noticing all that is present. If anything appeals to my senses or calls me, gets me to notice, then I allow myself to take note, take photos, draw sketches… anything that will file for later use. I am learning … Read more